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            • Smart Health Pot

              Smart Health Pot

              Product Category:   
              Features1.Scientific health care,you will be healthier than ever2.Getting health principles all in control.3.By using the smartphone App,you can check the use c ...
            • Smart Drinking Cup

              Smart Drinking Cup

              Product Category:   
              Features1.A distinctive colour indicates the range of water temperature( Red=55℃,Green=55℃,Blue20℃ )2.It can keep a record of your water drinking volume and ...
            • Smart Foot Spa Tub

              Smart Foot Spa Tub

              Product Category:   
              Features1.App control available.2.Free to set on your phone without benddown.3.multiple modes of massage and custom settings.
            • Desktop Smart Air Purifier

              Desktop Smart Air Purifier

              Product Category:   
              Features1、gesture sensing. 2、multiple filter plate. 3、Low Energy Bluetooth. 4、It has intelligent early warning of strainers, leads your life free from care. ...

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